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Transportation & Delivery Servies CFO


Dallas, texas

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Transportation & Delivery Servies /CFO

Canada Group Systems LLC, USA

Albuquerque, NM (Remote)

$50K/yr - $100K/yr

  • Promoted
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$50,000/yr - $100,000/yr Remote Mid-level ;25-100 employees Business Consulting and Services

About the job

The Canada Group Systems LLC. CFO/Credit Partner Program is an exclusive opportunity for those individuals with excellent personal credit and some business knowledge to sit on one of our many corporate client's board of directors in a very significant position and to potentially earn a passive income of up to $100,000.00 yearly plus one of the most generous sign-on bonuses $5-10K in the industry. We have a strict pre-approval process and not all candidates will qualify or be accepted into this program. Email us

for the qualifications before we can contact you. We will not spam you. You can find answers to many of your questions under the qualifications section we send you. We take our program very seriously and ask that only serious individuals or referral agents contact us concerning this particular program.

Canada Group Systems LLC. seeks current or former CFO Business Professionals, Executives, and Finance executives, CFO/Credit Partner.

BECOME an ACFO/Credit Partner FOR ONE OF OUR CORPORATE CLIENTS and utilize your professional experience. Check out our website for more details

You can be part of the solution needed TODAY. Help businesses across America create efficiency and much-needed revenue for their companies during these economic uncertainties with no cost to the businesses.

Earn $50K+ annually … as a Sideline—no need to quit your day job. Part-time or full-time. Pay for Performance, 1099 compensation.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • One who can act on the future Now not then. Who can know EBITDA.
  • Exceptional relationship working with reverse mergers, and CFO/Credit Partner

Position Overview:

  • Pay for Performance, 1099 compensation– possible residual monthly income paid for the client's life (average 10+ years!).
  • This position requires no quotas and no caps on earnings.
  • Work alongside your current position or business.
  • Sideline, Part-time or Full-time as a CFO/Credit Partner


  • Current or former Business Professional, CFO Executive, Finance Executive CFO/Credit Partner, CFO.
  • Ability to lead conversations with prospects and clients.
  • Must have 2+ years of business experience being the CFO financer for a business.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Positive person.
  • Ability to work well independently and with others, and CFO/Credit Partner


About Us:


Delivery Overflow Routes

Designing effective delivery overflow routes is crucial for logistics and courier operations, ensuring reliable package delivery in challenging scenarios. Key strategies involve dynamic routing systems, optimization, secondary distribution centers, collaboration with local partners, technology integration, clear customer communication, emergency protocols, fleet flexibility, scalable infrastructure, continuous improvement, and compliance with regulations.

These strategies, tailored to company size and operations, emphasize adaptability, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards. Cutting-edge technology, training programs, and continuous improvement are central to successful delivery overflow management.

Every business needs to reach peak profitability and efficiency. Handling account payables, reducing expenses, and attracting and retaining good employees is vital to the success of every business. We create operational efficiencies and actual cost savings for companies of all sizes and industries without switching vendors or current, established relationships with company vendors or service providers.

Next Steps

Upon submitting your application,@ candidates will receive a Next Steps email with a brief overview. A hiring team member will contact candidates who meet our qualifications to schedule an interview for a possible position with our company.



New Mexcio

Exact compensation may vary based on skills, experience, and location.

$50,000/yr - $100,000/yr


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