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Personal Finance Coach

Enfuego Financial Group

Richardson, texas

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Full Job Description

Are you seeking liberation from the constraints of the corporate world?

Are you envisioning a path where you are the architect of your destiny, steering your own ship from the comfort of your home?

Consider embarking on a journey towards establishing your own financial services enterprise.

In today's thriving financial landscape, the demand for adept professionals is at an all-time high.

With tailored guidance and access to requisite resources, you can embark on this venture part-time and gradually ascend to a full-fledged, prosperous endeavor.

Here are the compelling advantages of venturing into your own financial services business:

  • Autonomy: You will assume the role of your own decision-maker, sculpting your schedule according to your preferences.
  • Remote Work: Liberated from the daily commute, you can operate efficiently from the comfort of your home.
  • Lucrative Prospects: The financial sector boasts substantial earning potential, ensuring a rewarding income from your enterprise.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy the liberty to dictate your work hours, aligning them with your lifestyle choices.
  • Acceleration to Financial Freedom: With dedication and perseverance, you can expedite your journey to financial independence from decades to mere years.

No prior expertise in finance or entrepreneurship is necessary, as comprehensive training and educational support will be extended to you. We also cover the costs for obtaining the requisite licenses and certifications essential for rendering financial services.

Through our established business development framework, you can progress from an agent to a team leader within our organization. Upon meeting the necessary licensing criteria, you can advance to spearheading your own agency, paving the way towards ownership and financial autonomy.

We furnish you with a suite of marketing materials, alongside strategies honed through experience. Moreover, our organic network development approach nurtures a robust client base and potential collaborators, augmenting your journey towards establishing your own office.

Should you be prepared to invest the requisite effort, initiating your own financial services enterprise presents an unparalleled avenue towards achieving financial liberty, commencing part-time with the convenience of remote work.

Position Types: Part-time Contract, Full-time Contract


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Professional Development Support
  • Ownership Potential
  • Physical / Remote Setting:
    • While our office resides in Richardson, TX, we advocate for hybrid remote work, accommodating your preferences.


  • Tailor your hours to suit your lifestyle.

Supplemental Pay Types:

  • Commission Pay
  • Bonus Pay
  • Override Pay
  • Stocks


  • Must be able to pass a federal background check in order to have work with our agency.
  • Must be coachable, being willing to learn, grow, and challenge yourself.
  • Must be harding working and ambitious.

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