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Community Manager / Ecosystem Developer

Eidon AI

Austin, texas

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About Eidon

We are a team of AI & Crypto researchers and engineers (coming from Google DeepMind, pioneering AI/Crypto companies) with the long-term mission of co-creating the full decentralized AI stack in a trustless and permissionless way, with fair rewards for participation and contribution, that advances and benefits all of humanity. Our first focus is on decentralizing AI Data publishers with data consumers in a decentralized network and marketplace. Our platform empowers data providers to retain ownership of their data and monetize it throughout its entire lifecycle while enabling data consumers to access ethically sourced and bespoke datasets not easily available anywhere else.

Our team is small, operating in a flat structure, highly motivated, and focused on engineering and product excellence. Eidon is a place for those who like to take ownership, have strong curiosity & do-it energy, appreciate challenging themselves, and are ready to work in the intersection of multiple knowledge areas.

All employees are expected to be hands-on and to contribute directly to the mission of advancing decentralized AI. Leadership is given to those who show initiative and consistently deliver excellence. Work ethic and strong prioritization skills are important. We don't spend time with PowerPoint and sitting long in meeting rooms. 

Eidon AI does not have recruiters, PMs, or other “people/policy/patrolling” staff. Every application is reviewed directly by a member of the team. 

We are funded by top-tier VCs from Silicon Valley.

Job Description

We are seeking a creative and engaging Community Manager / Ecosystem Developer to join our team at Eidon AI. In this unique role, you will blend the responsibilities of a community manager, marketing director, and storyteller. Your primary goal will be to build and nurture a vibrant community of developers and data suppliers - both individuals and institutions - while crafting an engaging lore and narrative around Eidon.

You will work very closely with the founding team to communicate the mission and messaging of Eidon to the broad community. You will be going to conferences, organizing events, and developing the global strategy for user onboarding and developer onboarding.


  • Develop and execute community engagement strategies to attract and retain data suppliers and developers
  • Create and curate compelling content, including memes and marketing materials, to share on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster
  • Engage with the community, fostering meaningful conversations and relationships
  • Collaborate with the team to develop a captivating lore and story that aligns with Eidon's mission and values
  • Monitor community sentiment and provide insights to guide our community-building efforts
  • Serve as the face of the Eidon community, embodying our brand and values


  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong understanding of community dynamics and engagement strategies
  • Proficiency in creating engaging content, including memes and marketing materials
  • Active presence on X and Farcaster, with a bonus if you already have a following in the community
  • Alignment with Eidon's vision and values
  • Familiarity with Web3
  • Ability to engage with people across multiple industries
  • Fun, creative, and philosophically aligned with our mission


  • Familiarity with AI
  • Experience with game design or lore building (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Technical acuity in AI and Web3 to engage with potential data partners and ecosystem developers
  • Event organization experience

At Eidon, we value work ethic, strong prioritization skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, innovative environment. If you're ready to become the voice of our community and help shape the future of decentralized AI, we'd love to hear from you!

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