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Clinical Laboratory Scientist


Valhalla, new york

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Full Job Description

We are seeking a Clinical Laboratory Scientist to join our dynamic team. This position involves performing various laboratory tests utilizing a blend of manual and automated methods. In addition to these responsibilities, there will be other tasks assigned.

Primary Duties:

  1. Adherence to Standards: Comprehend and comply with our organization's performance benchmarks, policies, and conduct guidelines.
  2. Laboratory Procedures: Execute laboratory assessments following established protocols and uphold accurate documentation of these assessments.
  3. Quality Assurance: Uphold rigorous adherence to our quality assurance procedures, encompassing quality control assessments, calibration, validation of instruments, and scheduled maintenance.
  4. Protocol Consistency: Guarantee conformity with our laboratory's rules and protocols when test systems diverge from recognized performance parameters.
  5. Issue Identification: Recognize and record any factors that may detrimentally impact test accuracy, promptly reporting these to supervisory personnel and documenting the actions taken to rectify them.
  6. Precision and Quality: Verify the precision and quality of test results, carefully scrutinizing all stages from preliminary analysis through to final outcomes.
  7. Critical Values Communication: Notify healthcare professionals and patient units of critical values, adhering to stipulated STAT turnaround time prerequisites.
  8. Regulatory Preparedness: Engage in the preparation procedures for regulatory assessments by entities such as CAP, AABB, NYSDOH, and the Joint Commission.
  9. Continuing Education: Maintain an annual minimum of 12 Continuing Education credits.
  10. Protocol Adherence: Comprehend and partake in protocols for standard operations, proficiency evaluations, scrutiny audits, and our quality program, encompassing the reporting of deviations from standards.
  11. Result Anomalies: Evaluate test outcomes for any anomalies and confirm them in accordance with departmental standards when necessary.
  12. Training and Competency: Participate in validation processes, training initiatives, and assessments of competency as required.
  13. Inventory Oversight: Manage inventory aspects, including monitoring lot numbers, assessing expiration dates, confirming labeling, and upholding quality control prerequisites.
  14. Mandatory Training: Satisfactorily complete all obligatory annual training, participate in in-service sessions, and engage in continuous educational activities as mandated.
  15. Section-Specific Proficiency: Maintain section-specific competency assessments for areas including Generalists, Chemistry/Immunology, Hematology, Microbiology, Blood Bank, and Anatomic Pathology.


Education & Experience Prerequisites:

  • Hold a current NYS License as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist.
  • Pursue education in alignment with NYS Office of Professions and CLIA requisites for testing personnel.
  • Preferred: Possess ASCP Certification.

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