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Heavy Equipment Operator on Tree Debris Recycling Yard

Kenzie, Inc.

St. Augustine, florida

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Full Job Description

The heavy equipment operator manages incoming and outgoing debris at our tree yard recycling locations. Equipment operations include trackhoes and loaders, and may include feeding grinders, driving yard trucks and running other equipment.



  • Operate machinery including trackhoes, loaders, tub grinders, screeners and more.
  • Ensure regular maintenance of all yard equipment as required.
  • Coordinate repairs with Kenzie or 3rd party mechanics to keep machines fully operational.
  • Organize incoming yard debris by debris type and location to ensure efficient yard access.
  • Ensure yard safety - this includes Kenzie employees and 3rd parties working at or dumping on the yard. Yard safety includes but is not limited to:
    • Grinder location, management and operating hours
    • Heavy equipment operations
    • Loading and unloading by Kenzie and 3rd parties
    • Staff and 3rd party communications
  • Coordinate Kenzie truck and trailer loading and deliveries
  • Operate and coordinate mulch equipment and product


  • Verifiable history of operating heavy equipment
  • Knowledge of safety protocols and the procedures used to control heavy equipment
  • Coordination to use all the controls on pieces of equipment
  • Possessing enough strength to operate the controls on heavy equipment
  • Ability to remain stationary in the seat or operating area of the equipment for prolonged periods
  • Problem-solving skills to diagnose issues with equipment
  • Strong oral communication skills to interact with other workers on the jobsite
  • Basic writing skills to accurately complete reports and other paperwork
  • Good noncommercial driver’s license history to indicate a habit of safe driving


Paid time off, major holidays paid, health insurance after 90 days, 401K after 1 year

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