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Senior Software Development Engineer - NoSQL-ABase

Hireio, Inc.

San Jose, california

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Team Introduction:

The ABase Team is dedicated to delivering stable and reliable Global Serverless online Key-Value (KV) storage services for the company. Covering nearly all business lines, including recommendation architecture, search architecture, advertising architecture, and e-commerce architecture. The team supports a processing capacity of billions of requests and manages data volumes at the exabyte scale. Leveraging the rapid development of the company's business and the comprehensive technical strength of its infrastructure, the team aims to create a user-loved, technologically advanced, and ultimate KV storage benchmark product.


- Lead the development and maintenance of our's in-house online KV system, providing optimal performance, high availability, disaster recovery, and multi-regional functionality.

- Optimize and enhance tailored scenarios for our, encompassing cross-regional multi-activity (CRDT), masterless high availability, efficient resource utilization, support for multiple engines, and cutting-edge edge storage solutions.

- Drive the exploration and integration of emerging hardware and technologies to continually

enhance the system's service levels, such as ZNS SSD/PMEM/RDMA/io_uring/Run-to-completion/AI auto-config, etc.

- Shape and advance the NoSQL data ecosystem, contributing to key aspects such as data cold/hot sinking, backup/rollback processes, bulk loading, and seamless system datainteroperability.

- Contribute significantly to the development of platform-oriented KV products, incorporating features like Serverless support, automated operations, and robust monitoring and tracing systems


- Demonstrated proficiency in computer fundamentals, including a solid understanding of computer architecture basics, and expertise in multithreading programming, network programming, and operating systems.

- Hands-on experience in Modern C++/Go/Python development within the Linux environment.

- In-depth understanding of distributed storage concepts, with a keen awareness of challenges in distributed storage systems.

- Adherence to strong coding standards and a commitment to rigorous unit testing practices.

- Clear and logical thinking, coupled with a product-oriented mindset, self-driven initiative, and strong project management skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

- Experience in contributing to open-source projects, with a preference for those who have served as committers.

- Experience in high-performance server-side programming, coupled with proficiency in utilizing tools like GDB/Perf for thorough analysis and optimization.

- Familiarity with various open-source systems or components, including but not limited toRedis, Cassandra/ScyllaDB, leveldb/Rocksdb, Wiredtiger, Tcmalloc/Jemalloc, Brpc. Additionally, a background in developing distributed storage systems is highly valued.

- Participation or awards in competitions within the database domain or other algorithm and engineering fields is a plus.

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