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Accounts Receivable Manager


Clayton, california

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Full Job Description

Title: "Accounts Receivable Manager - Construction Industry"

Are you ready to take charge of accounts receivable in the dynamic construction sector? As an Accounts Receivable Manager, your mission is to master the intricacies of lien releases, bolster construction finance comprehension, nurture relationships with contractors, and optimize cash flow. Your leadership will be instrumental in safeguarding our projects' financial well-being and, consequently, our company's triumph.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Mastering Lien Releases

  • Oversee the crucial lien release process, a linchpin of construction finance.
  • Ensure accurate completion and collection of lien releases from contractors to avert legal disputes.

2. Construction Finance Proficiency

  • Possess an in-depth knowledge of project billing cycles, payment terms, and industry-specific financial procedures.
  • Confidently liaise with contractors and clients regarding payments, addressing issues and preserving cash flow.

3. Building Contractor Relationships

  • Cultivate robust relationships with contractors to secure prompt payments and maintain trust.
  • Employ exceptional communication skills, professionalism, and conflict resolution prowess.

4. Championing Cash Flow

  • Manage cash flow effectively by guaranteeing timely payments and meticulous tracking for forecasting.
  • Uphold project financial health and facilitate strategic decision-making for future endeavors.

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