Technology Project Manager

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Technology Project Manager


Englewood, colorado

Compensation Range: $75,000 - $85,000


GOLFTEC Enterprises is a dynamic and innovative organization that encompasses two leading companies in the golf industry: GOLFTEC and SkyTrak. With a shared mission to help people play better golf and have more fun, GOLFTEC Enterprises is at the forefront of revolutionizing golf instruction and technology.


GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf lessons, utilizes cutting-edge training systems and proprietary swing motion capture technology called OptiMotion, which provides Students and Coaches with instant and data-driven feedback to improve their game.


SkyTrak is golf's most popular consumer launch monitor and golf simulator, offering golfers the data and insights needed to track performance, play better golf and have more fun. Together, GOLFTEC Enterprises is revolutionizing the way golf is learned, practiced, and enjoyed by golfers of all...

Information Technology Project Manager


Dublin, california

Duties :

  • Develop and manage the project, communication, resource plans and processes.
  • Analyze all management and technical processes to ensure they’re delivered as expected.
  • Meet regularly with project stakeholders and define project goals and objectives.
  • Lead budget and resource allocation through all project phases.
  • Schedule project timelines.
  • Make estimates for the budget and schedule.
  • Generate regular reports to update stakeholders and manage projects.
  • Establish and train teams on processes and strategies.
  • Oversee day-to-day technical operations, including assignments and personnel review.
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the team and determine clear deliverables.
  • Research and evaluate new hardware and software technology and help make decisions on the cost-benefit analysis of new purchases.
  • Update and maintain hardware and software systems as...
Automatically Apply to Technology Project Manager JobsFind success, without the stress!